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Wedding-Ready Radiance

Focusing on highlighting, contouring, brows, lashes and lips, Estilo’s Rina Mackenzie offers these wedding makeup tips.

1. Start with clean skin.

Schedule microblading six weeks and facial waxing a week before. “In case you break out,” Mackenzie recommends.

2. Do the dab.

Starting with concealer, lightly dab (no, not Cam Newton’s victory dance) onto your ring fingertip. “Your ring-finger pad is the softest,” Mackenzie says. “Then, dab with a makeup sponge after.” Never forget to end with a finishing powder.

3. Shop the right brands.

“Some of my favorite places to shop for makeup are Got Beauty (SLC), Sephora and sometimes Ulta. Grocery store products don’t always go into the skin as nicely as the better brands,” Mackenzie says.

4. Keep your eyes on the prize.

“Lashes are a must,” she says. Use collagen pads under the eyes for 15-20 minutes before applying makeup. “I don’t believe in lots of colors. Just one color and highlighter is enough.” Fill in brows lightly with a brow pencil or brow mascara.

5. Keep lips light for the ceremony.

But darken them for the reception.

Bonus Tip: Keep a small bottle of hairspray to primp throughout the day. Always!” – Juan Gutierrez-Naim, Estilo Brow & Hair Salon

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