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The New Photo Booth Experience

Shotskis, video booths, cornhole games, afterparties? These days, weddings are so much more than dinner and dancing. Three experts weigh in on how to keep your guests on their toes all night long.

The days of boxed-in booths are over. Sam Spendlove and Heather Hodge of Couth Booth show us that open-style booths are all the rage, and oh so exciting.

“It’s fun to see people’s faces light up when they get their prints so fast,” Spendlove says. “We’ve done everything from faux magazine covers to Western, the ‘80s and comic-book themes.” The dynamic duo offers a choice of 25 backdrops including three-dimensional backdrops like a hedge wall with live florals, glam filters, animation and video. Now, smile! couthbooth.com

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Val Rasmussen
Val Rasmussen reports on local trailblazers in design and fashion for Utah Bride & Groom, Utah Style & Design and Salt Lake magazines. Additionally, she works with marketing teams to create content about leaders impacting business, construction, technology and healthcare.



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