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Real Engagement: Quinn + Erika

Written by: Ashley Baker | Photos by: SodaBee Photography 

Local couple Quinn and Erika first met at a mutual friends’ wedding. Erika was a bit hesitant to jump into a relationship, but Quinn was patient and their love blossomed over time.

“Quinn and I met at a wedding. His best friend married a friend of mine,” Erika says. “I was so hesitant to fall for him, but he was patient. It took six months after he asked me out for me to actually go on a date with him. Eventually, we began dating and two months later I realized that Quinn was the only guy I wanted in my life. A month later, he told me that he loved me. I followed soon after, although I think I’d known it for a while.”

“Quinn proposed to me on September 13, 2017. He told me that we had to drive out to the Salt Flats to help his sister who was stranded with a broken down car. We got there at sunset. Then, he blindfolded me and led me to a spot that had a large heart shape made out of rose petals on the ground. He professed his love for me and asked me to marry him. It was so romantic and beautiful,” she says.

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Ashley Baker
Web Editor
Ashley is the in-house web editor for both Utah Bride & Groom and Utah Style & Design magazines. Not only does she write articles and immerse herself in Utah's design scene, she's currently finishing a bachelor's degree in strategic communications with a minor in multidisciplinary design at the University of Utah.



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