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Real Engagement: Lauren + Dawson

By: Ashley Baker

Local couple Lauren and Dawson met their senior year. Ultimately, it was a Snapchat conversation that led to their engagement.

 “I had one class my senior year— it was English—and the only reason I even went was because of Dawson,” Lauren says. “I had the BIGGEST crush on him, but I was way too awkward and shy to do anything about it. Two-years later, I commented on his Snapchat story and then we just kept talking.”


Dawson adds, “I was way too shy to talk to her, so I just admired from afar. When she commented on my snap story I was freaking out. We never stopped talking after that.”



Photography by: Parker Solum of Pure Light Photography

Gown: Chantel Lauren

Couple: Lauren Zunkowski & Dawson Yeager

Ashley Baker
Web Editor
Ashley is the in-house web editor for both Utah Bride & Groom and Utah Style & Design magazines. Not only does she write articles and immerse herself in Utah's design scene, she's currently finishing a bachelor's degree in strategic communications with a minor in multidisciplinary design at the University of Utah.



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