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My style vacillates between “farm girl with a credit card” and “mid-40s divorcee with a new lease on life and a looming trip to Tuscany.” Imagine if Tilda Swinton lived on a farm in Provence and had a boyfriend who owned a linen factory. I’m serious! I love all things eyelet, denim (overalls are my go-to right now), oversized comfy sweaters and anything made from linen. If I didn’t spend so much on film, I’d exclusively wear Eileen Fisher and Elizabeth Suzann, with a healthy sprinkling of Madewell pieces here and there. That, my friends, (as Hilary Duff would say), is what dreams are made of.



I don’t have a beauty routine. I have never gotten into skin care. I am just way too lazy for any type of lotion-potion regimen. I asked my sister what I should say for this section (we live together), and she said to note that I have started using Costco makeup remover wipes at the end of the day. We all consider this a huge step forward. However, I do exercise regularly and try to eat healthfully. I think that these two things combined will work more wonders for your well-being (and appearance) than anything that comes in a jar.

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I have been working out with Kayla Itsines’ BBG program for two years now, and my body has changed so much. Some months are more consistent than others, but I will tell you this: nothing feels better than strength training regularly. As far as makeup, I typically wear sunscreen, whatever concealer I can find on the cheap, mascara, and if I’m really hitting the town, a little blush and lip gloss. 



When I am not working, I am dreaming up photo shoots, contacting vendors, listening to podcast interviews with photographers I admire, or scouring the internet for tips and tricks of the trade. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love photography, specifically film photography. Before I discovered film, photography was a fun hobby. I liked my images enough, but was never truly satisfied with them. One day I shot a roll on a $30 Pentax Honeywell I had bought on eBay on a whim, and when I got my scans back from the local lab, it was as if my heart broke open with joy. I couldn’t believe how beautiful, lush, and full of depth my images were.


I could talk ad nauseam about film, but suffice it to say that I love what I do beyond the telling of it. When I am not working, I am dreaming up future shoots so I can be behind my lens again. That said, when I am totally exhausted from a packed week of shooting (one of my favorite feelings), I love to unwind doing all sorts of high- and low-brow activities. You can find me by myself at the Utah Symphony, on a hike in the beautiful Wasatch mountains, reading celeb gossip, or painting my nails while watching The Real Housewives.

As told to Utah Bride & Groom magazine.

To see Lauren’s work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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