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Wedding Design & Planning – At Sage and Thistle Events we don’t do cookie cutter, guys! When it comes to design we’ll craft an experience for your guests where everything – from the setting to the smallest detail – tells a story. We’ll cater to your sense of style without breaking the bank…and we’ll drop your jaw when it’s done. Guaranteed.

Photos provided by: Sage and Thistle

Photos provided by: Sage and Thistle

And when it comes to planning maybe you need a little help tying all your hard planning work with an elaborate bow of awesomeness. We can do that. Or maybe you haven’t even gotten started, and the more you think about it the more you realize you don’t want to. We can help there too. From “I think I’m in a bit over my head’ to “Hey, you guys plan this entire wedding. I’m going on vacation!” We’ve got your back.

Photos provided by: Sage and Thistle

Photos provided by: Sage and Thistle


“Katie’s wedding was spectacular!!!  Sage and Thistle Events worked so hard and all their effort showed in the final result.  We were all transported to a magical place. Our friends and family’s comments lingered on for weeks as we all relived it in our minds.  I know our goal was achieved when, after the talk of beautiful flowers and good food and spectacular lights, friends said how intimate and warm everything felt …. that the wedding was really personal. The ladies of Sage and Thistle Events listened to us and created a wonderful memory. Hands down the bar has been set high for my other girls!” Gloria Bowman, Mother of the Bride

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