Utah Bride and Groom

In Stiches

The tiniest details ensure fashionable results.

Menswear wedding

Looking for something with great character and depth? Choose a jacket with high quality thread and buttons.


Menswear wedding

Don’t want to wear a belt? Suspenders and braces are both stylish and functional.

Menswear wedding

Add personality with a punchy pattern like a polka-dot bow tie.

Menswear wedding

Unless the groom is wearing a black suit or tux, he should consider a rich shade of medium brown this season.

Menswear wedding

Accessorize with knit tie—like this one made by hand in Italy, and tied in a four-in-hand knot making it slightly oblong and narrow—and with a 100% silk picket square rolled by hand.

Ashley Miller
February 25, 2016



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