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Garden-Inspired Floral Design

Garden-Inspired Floral Design Decoded

Do you love the natural and untamed look of your summer gardens? Pam Olson has tips for using it to create fresh, modern floral design.

The arrangement pictured above captures the exuberance of a garden, explains Pam Olson, whose Native Flower Company is the go-to shop for those seeking one-of-a-kind floral designs, lush centerpieces and sophisticated, nature-inspired bouquets. Clients range from brides and CEOs to hostesses, event planners and those celebrating life’s special moments.

Pam Olson Floral Design

Floral designer Pam Olson’s Native Flower Company provides year-round wedding packages. Photo by Adam Finkle.

So what’s the secret behind creating this lavish arrangement? “It has an organic vibe,” she says. “It’s a garden, amplified.” Beginning with a burl bowl, the designer paired groups of sweet peas, anemones and hyacinths with others of paperwhites, amaryllis and hellebores. Then she introduced elegant lady slipper orchids. Mixing exotics with garden blooms is a signature move. “It puts the focus on texture,” she says. And the bunched blooms? “That’s the modern side of the design, the color blocking.”

As if growing in a garden, the grouped flowers mix loosely with lush sword ferns, silver dollar eucalyptus and velvety pussy willow. No fluff of filler here. “Everything has a purpose and a chance to shine.” Notably missing are the robust colors that fill many summer gardens right now. Instead, shades of green and white prevail. Olson explains: “This palette is more classic, fresh and sophisticated.”

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