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Color Pop: Bring Your Newlywed Nest to Life

The not-so-secret secret for bringing your newlywed nest to life is, in a word, color. Vibrant accessories, richly hued furnishings and spirited wallpaper can turn any room from blah to ahhh.

1. Exuberance wallpaper (feature image) by Harlequin, to the trade, John Brooks Inc, SLC

2. Glass chime, $34, Ward & Child—The Garden Store, SLC

3. Alpaca throws, $310-$355 each, O.C. Tanner Jewelers, SLC

4. Stemmed glasses, $10 each, Glass House, SLC

5. Valenza curved sofa, starting at $4,489, Thomasville of Utah, Murray

6. Ochre knob bowl, $223, Alice Lane Home Collection, SLC

7. Arteriors Thom lamp, $450, Arteriorshome.com

8. Paper weight, $30, Tabula Rasa, SLC

9. Woven pillows, $110 and $225, Details, SLC

*Wallpaper image courtesy of Harlequin

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