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Utah-Made Wedding Favors

Christy Bishop of Park City-based Lemongrass & Co. masters the art of bridal gift-giving. Do yourself a favor and avoid gift-giving anxiety. Did I spend enough? Will she like it? Will I offend her? How can I ever repay her for all she’s done? Amidst the tornado of wedding planning, it’s easy to be stumped […]

Signage Inspiration for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to wedding day directions, Michelle Cousins of Michelle Leo Events shows the way. Go here. Wear this. Bring that. Weddings can be confusing for guests, so they need direction. What signs should couples provide at their wedding events? Master planner and designer Michelle Cousins of Michelle Leo Events reports her favorites. Announce […]

Unique Flavors Bake up at Les Madeleines in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is often referred to as “Small Lake City,” but the flavors at Les Madeleines are anything but small. Inspired by European travels and cross-continental flavors, the pastries—made entirely from scratch—come from the world-sized imagination of chef and owner Romina Rasmussen. After training at the French Culinary Institute in New York, NY, Chef Romina perfected her skills […]

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