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Am I too young for botox?  Some experts say no. Preventative botox trends big for twenty- and thirty-somethings who want to curb wrinkle damage before it begins. Elise Wilcox—physician assistant at Gateway Aesthetic Institute & Laser Center in Salt Lake City—offers a rundown of everything you should know about preventative treatments.

Who?  Fiancees of all ages can benefit from botox, whether your wrinkles have developed or not. If you’re past 40, you may need extra treatments to fill out lines that are deeper because you’ve been making them for a while.

What?  Wilcox’s office offers all injectables and dermal fillers on the market, and a variety of laser treatments—fixing the tiniest sun damage to taking a decade off your face.

When?  Plan for treatment two to four weeks before the big day, to see peak results. Wilcox says the neurotoxins work fully for about a month, so a bigger window before an event will both allow the botox to set, and give time for any bruising to fade.

Where?  The most popular areas for preventative botox are between the eyebrows, crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes and horizontal lines on the forehead.

Why?  Botox is a nonsurgical treatment that prevents and reverses the signs of aging with just a few needle pricks. Just ten minutes, and you’re ready to go.

Megan Bartholomew
Megan Hulse Bartholomew is the web editor for Utah Bride & Groom and Utah Style & Design magazines. She recently graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in English and Journalism, and is currently trying to catch up on 5+ years of pleasure reading.



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