If you've never set foot in one of LUSH's shops at City Creek or Fashion Place, here's what you're missing: pretty much everything. That includes the wafting scent of fresh essential oils that make up every one of their unique handmade products, and the ultimate indulgence in things like Butterballs and Bath Bombs.

Whether or not you'll be hitting up a beach this summer, you should plan to pamper yourself at least once with the experience of LUSH's decadent summer line. With ingredients like chocolate, vanilla, sugar, strawberry, coconut and marshmallow, you could almost eat it.

Mint Julips Lip Scrub: (Vegan)

A refreshing, tingly chocolate mint scrub that will curb your craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream. It contains peppermint oil, which will make your lips feel soothed and tingly, and sweet vanilla extract to lock in moisture and protect lips.    



Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar:            

Massage yourself or your sweetheart with this sensual solid oil made with crushed strawberries and an infusion of hibiscus flowers. This little massage bar will leave you feeling relaxed and grounded while smelling as sweet as a fruity, sugary ice cream sundae. Simply rub the bar between your warm palms to release this fragrant oil and massage firmly, but gently into a willing body.

Sugar Scrub: (Vegan)

Exfoliate with Fair Trade sugar to scrub away dead skin cells, tackle cellulite and invigorate sluggish skin for a fresh start this summer. Its stimulating blend of fresh fennel and fennel oil acts as a great tonic for the skin, while lavender oil has a healing effect on the skin and warming ginger kicks the circulation up a notch.



Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly:  3.5oz / 8.5oz  (Vegan)

A sweet purple mixture topped with bits of starry glitter, Sweetie Pie is a temptingly fragrant blend that indulges even the sweetest of cravings. Coconut infusion and seaweed jelly soften skin while cypress oil cleans it.  The ingredients combine with sour cherries and tantalizing blackcurrant essential oils, just take a handful and slather it all over your body.


MMM Melting Marshmallow Moments Bath Melt: (Vegan)

Treat yourself to some marvelous fluffy pink luxury...without the calories. This product melts into a pink, fluffy waterbed of marshmallow and moisturising cocoa butter as the bath melt gently froths into a fuchsia haze of musk, marshmallow and marigold. Each is made with marshmallow herb, which produces a sweet, skin soothing mucilage and marigold, which is equally calming for your skin. 

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