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Anthuriums: Bring Tropical Heart to Your Bouquet

Want to put some tropical heat into classic white bridal florals? Heres what to do: add heart-shaped anthuriums. They’re not just for tiki parties. These shapely, tropical blooms are transforming traditional wedding bouquets from blah to ahhh, as designer Kelly Jackstien of Artisan Bloom proves with this freshly-fashioned arrangement. She chose the sleek waxy bloom for the contrast it provides when paired with the frills and spills of more classic flowers including fluffy hydrangea, fragrant hyacinths and arching tulips. What’s more, anthurium are long-lasting and, for those who crave more color on their wedding day, anthurium also offer more vibrant shades, including pretty pinks and riotous reds.


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Val Rasmussen
Val Rasmussen reports on local trailblazers in design and fashion for Utah Bride & Groom, Utah Style & Design and Salt Lake magazines. Additionally, she works with marketing teams to create content about leaders impacting business, construction, technology and healthcare.



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