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10 Tips for Perfect Wedding Hair

Looking their best is at the top of every bride’s priority list on their wedding day, and hair can often be the biggest hurdle in that goal. Up or down? How do I make it stay? What if I don’t have enough volume for my dream style? Jennifer Johnson, owner and stylist at ProDo Blow Dry Bar in Draper and Orem has the solution to any wedding-hair worry.

How To: Choose Your Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

1. Choose a style that you feel comfortable in.

Hair by Randilee Wilde.


If you love the way you look with your hair down, don’t wear it up just because you think you should, and vise versa. Don’t go with a style just because it’s trendy.  Make sure you feel your best – your confidence show in your photos!

2. Think about your veil.

Hair by Nikki Morgan.


Will the veil be able to be incorporated? Will it cover up your style? These are important considerations. Also, make sure you have someone designated to pin it in place if your hair stylist won’t be there.  Try to have them at your hair appointment so the stylist can show them exactly how to secure it in place.

3. Plan Hairstyles around your dress.

Hair by Nikki Morgan.


Put your dress on and try a few different styles in the mirror.  Different cuts look better with different hairstyles.  If you have an open back, you might want to show it off by wearing your hair up. Maybe something off to one side will compliment your dress more than wearing it all back.  If you have a classic style, got with classic hair.  If you can’t decide, find a few friends that you know will give you an honest opinion.

4. Gather as many photos as you can.

Photos by Adam Finkle.


It’s important to have a clear vision, to communicate to your stylists exactly what you are looking for (and NOT looking for). One photo can show how much volume you want, one can show how you want to back to look, etc.  But be realistic with your own hair, and understand that it might look a little different based on your hair qualities.

5. Extensions!

Pro Do stylist Madison Sharkey prepping extensions for a client.


Extensions are an excellent way to create more volume and length for you big day.  Clip ins offer this without the commitment of getting a full head installed.  Buy them ahead of time and take them to your stylist  to trim and blend them, so they can think about how they will incorporate them into the style you want.

Day-Of Wedding Hair Tips

1. Wash your hair the day before.

Hair by Josie Moser.


Clean your hair before your wedding day if you’re getting an up-do.  Second-day hair offers better hair for us stylists to work with!

2. Easy Shirts are Best

Hair by Nikki Morgan.


Don’t forget to wear a button or zip up shirt to your hair appointment so you don’t messy up your lovely locks when getting dressed.

3.Give yourself plenty of time.

Pro Do stylist Josie Moser.


  There is nothing worse than running behind and feeling stressed out right before your ceremony.  Play it safe and double the amount of time you think you’ll need – you never know what could come up.

4. Start with Tighter Curls.

Hair by Hannah South.


If you are leaving your hair down and curly, start with you curls a little tighter then you’d like at first, and let them relax throughout the day.  Also, consider the weather.  If there’s a chance that is could be windy or really hot, consider pinning at least some of it up, so it doesn’t get ruined.

5. Pack an Emergency kit.


Image courtesy of Liz Venuto and Got Beauty

Pack a bag to take with you to your venue that includes: hairspray, a comb, bobby pins and a curling or flat iron just in case of emergency. Put someone in charge for the day that will keep an eye on your hair and if something doesn’t look right, they can pull you aside and fix it.  This will ensure your hair looks great in all your pictures, not just the ones in the beginning.
Above all, the most important thing is to choose and create a style that makes you look and feel your best, to amp up the happy on the best day of your life!
Megan Bartholomew
Megan Hulse Bartholomew is the web editor for Utah Bride & Groom and Utah Style & Design magazines. She recently graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in English and Journalism, and is currently trying to catch up on 5+ years of pleasure reading.
November 5, 2018



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